Toldin Perm. Reg'd Vizslas (Canada and USA)
Martha Lacko
Svatoslav 17
Cechtin, Czech Republic
011 420 725 526 118

In March of 2017 I have lost my husband Frank Lacko to cancer. He was important part of Toldin Vizslas and together we shared the dream of raising Vizslas and the hope to preserve their versatility. This dream will be carried on by breeders in Canada and USA that own Todin girls and boys and I continue to mentor. 

Our kennel, permanently registered in Canada and USA has produced some great examples of this breed. I am not breeding any litters at this time, but continue to enjoy company of my 6 Vizslas with whom I have relocated to the Czech Republic to be close to my family.

Vizsla are my life and I will continue to support our puppy families around the world. Our Vizslas and puppies from Toldin boys are in Canada, USA, Europe and soon in Australia.

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