Who we are and what we believe in:

The pictures on this website are of our dogs and the puppies we have bred. We have been "owned" by Vizslas since 1978. This website is our way of telling you about us and how passionate we are about the breed. We strive to preserve the classic Vizsla look, versatility, and good temperament in the dogs we produce.

Some of our history:

First Vizsla in our life was Rex (Yorsla's Mr. Slama), he was born on July 4, 1978 in Wainfleet, Ontario. He taught us a lot about the breed in the 13 years he was with us. We also had his brother Yankee for the first few years. They will always be in our hearts. 

In 1984, we added Ficko and, in 1988, Ryzska. We showed both in conformation and enjoyed living with three Vizslas. We brought Toldi home in October 1998 from Hull, Quebec. Toldi "The Magnificent" completely changed our life and is still with us at age 15 years. Toldi is a great show dog (No. 1 Vizsla in Canada in 2000 and 2001, winner of many Vizsla Specialty shows, and multiple Group wins). He also is a fantastic field dog (Top 10 Pointing Breeds FD [Field Dog] in 2003), holds a Registry of Merit title from the US, and has been a top producer in Canada and the US. We named our kennel after him, and most of our current Vizslas have Toldi in their pedigree. We bred our first litter in 2002, and since that time Toldin Vizslas has been home to many Champions, field-titled dogs, agility and obedience dogs, the fastest Vizsla in North America, and the Fly-Ball champion, as well as many loved companions. Our puppy owners become part of our family, and we support them when they participate in any activities with their dogs.

What we have done and still do:

We have worked on behalf of the Vizsla breed through membership in National and Regional Vizsla clubs in Canada and the US and by volunteering for many club positions including President of Vizsla Canada; Show Chair, Field Chair, Editor, and Production manager of the VC Newsletter; and the design and publication of catalogs for the Vizsla Club of America, VC Nationals and Field Trials. We also belonged to the Czech Vizsla Club for many years. Beside our puppies in United States and Canada, Toldi has sired puppies in Finland and the Czech Republic. We have many friends in also in the European and Australian Vizsla communities, and we actively promote the dissemination of information about the breed to maintain its purpose, look, and health well into the future.

Our Breeding philosophy

Our puppies participate in field tests, NAVHDA, obedience, agility, fly ball and in shows. We try to raise our pups to be positive and joyful addition to every family. We care about the health and temperament of the parents,  we breed only worthy dogs and we make sure that the puppies are raised correctly before they go to their new homes.

We provide our owners with 5 year genetic guarantee and we care 24/7 what happens to dogs we have produced. We always take them back, if situation arises that it becomes necessary. We care about our puppy owners and help to show or field train pups. We stay involved with Toldin produced or Toldin sired puppies for their lifetime and all our owners become part of our Toldin family.