Sire: MBISS (Am/Can) Am GCH Can CH VCH CZ Toldin’s True To Tradition (Keepir)
Dam: Fay Dreams Of Toldin Kelecsky poklad (Fay)
Whelping Date: July 13, 2023
Keepir & Fay 2023
Seven puppies arrived on July 13, 2023.

The number 7 represents wholeness and perfection in numerology (both Physical represented by 4 (boys ) and Spiritual number 3 (girls) This number is associated with ascension and a life free of obstacles.

July babies are joyful, spirited and friendly. They are amazingly wonderful, kindhearted, peaceful and unique in their own way. Being people pleasing they assure to make everyone happy. July borns are patient and are known to exercise self-control and self-discipline most of the time. Thank you Renata Mayerova, my co breeder and a friend for whelping them in such magical way.