Supporting the Breed

We have worked on behalf of the Vizsla breed through membership in National and Regional Vizsla clubs in Canada and the US and by volunteering for many club positions including President of Vizsla Canada; Show Chair, Field Chair, Editor, and Production Manager of the VC Newsletter; and the design and publication of catalogs for the Vizsla Club of America, VC Nationals and Field Trials. We also belonged to the Czech Vizsla Club for many years. I am continuing to be a member of these clubs and I am active member of Vizsla club in the Czech Republic and continue to work on behalf of Vizslas. My main interest is the health and health tests that should be done for all dogs and comprehensive tests before breeding. They should be tested for hereditary health issues, including eyes, cardio and thyroid, for now the only requirement for breeding in some countries, Czechia club included is free of hip dysplasia. That is not enough as evidenced by research and evidence that more is required for maintaining health of our beloved breed. The Vizsla Club of America established Frank Lacko memorial fund and money raised by donations are used for cancer research.

Beside our puppies in United States and Canada, Toldi has sired puppies in Finland and the Czech Republic and Keepir has sired puppies not only in Canada and US, but has offspring in Australia, Europe, Africa and Asia. I have many friends in the Vizsla community around the world and I actively promote the dissemination of information about the breed to maintain its purpose, look, and health well into the future.