In Memoriam

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.

—Will Rogers

We remember our first Vizsla, Rex – Yorsla’s Mr. Slama, who was born on July 4, 1978 and how much 
he taught us in the 12 years he was with us. His picture album was lost, we have only few pictures, but he is always in our hearts. 

In 1984, we added Ficko and in 1988, Ryzska came to us from Kalypso Vizslas. We showed Fitzko and we also showed Ryzska in limited local shows.

We brought Toldi home in Oct 98. Toldi “The Magnificent” changed our life in a 
major way. He was full of life and full of promise….. now fulfilled. Our kennel was named after him and most of our Vizslas are from him and his get. Corey joined Toldi and Ryzska at Christmas 1999 when he was 6 months old. We lost Corey way too early at and miss him every day. 
We worked with Toldi and Corey in the shows and field and decided to add Steel to
 our home as a foundation bitch in April of 2001 and we registered a kennel “Toldin”. Toldin is now permanently registered kennel in Canada and USA. Toldi is still with us at fifteen and a half years “young” and we cherish every moment of his company.

We miss all of our Vizslas that are over the rainbow bridge.. Rex, Fitzko, Ryszka, Corey, Steel and our sweet Csilla. Some of puppies we raised passed on and it is a hardest thing for a breeder to lose a puppy we brought into the world. But we could not live without our dogs, no matter how much pain loosing them will bring, it does not measure to the joy we have received by having them in our life. Through the tears there are happy memories and unconditional love. They always walk with us until we meet again…