September 4, 2021
ARISTA @ Belgian Vizsla Club Specialty
Belgian Vizsla Club Specialty
Mrs. Ingrid Hectors
CONGRATULATIONS to ARISTA (Keepir/Rose) puppy and to her owner Lies van Essen and breeder Marketa Stastova!

Lies writes: A super fun relaxing day at the Belgian Vizsla club Specialty. Judged by Mrs. Ingrid Hectors, perfectly handled by Yani Everaert Hunter Magyar. Arista od Hradové Studánky won her Junior class, Best Junior Vizsla in Show and Reserve Best Bitch in the Specialty! We are supper proud of Arista! She entered her first show with a BANG!!! … and at the Specialty show! Sister Arwen and daddy Keepir are sending high 5’s and many kisses.