July 9, 2021
What a weekend! Wow!!! Toldin Vizslas in USA!
Michigan Vizsla Club Specialty
Location: Monroe, Michigan
Judge: Ms. Helene Nietsch
On Friday, TEAK - TOLDIN’S OWN HEART OF TECTONA GRANDIS (Lily /Madsen born Aug 24/2020) Owners: Martha Lacko, Diane and Dan Flattery Breeders: Martha Lacko and Coreen Spellman) at Michigan Vizsla Club Specialty went WINNERS DOG out of 9-12 puppy class for ⭐️5 Point MAJOR ⭐️ in tough, tough competition.

Owner Handled by Diane Flattery. Diane also handled Frankie Rose - Toldin’s I Will Love You Forever (Jewell /Kanzi) She placed 3rd in a large class of beautiful Open class bitches at the Michigan Specialty. Thank you Diane for doing such a great job with both of them. Official picture coming soon! Saturday in the Czech Republic……