September 30, 2021
Our National Specialty & World Dog show stars
2021 World Dog Show and Czech National Specialty
Czech Republic
Our National Specialty & World Dog show stars - Keepir (10y9mo) and his daughters by Rose, Arwen and Akky (1) Specialty: Keepir Excellent/V2 Second Veteran, Akky Excellent/V2/16 Second from 16 Junior bitches, Arwen Excellent/V4/16 Fourth from 16 Junior Bitches (those are 12-18 months of age). World Dog show: Keepir Excellent/V4 Veteran, Arwen Excellent/V 7th in the cut line up out of 16 bitches. Akky was not entered. Very proud of their performance. Keepir didn’t go to shows since finishing his Veteran Czechs CH 2 years ago and it was Arwen’s second and third appearance in the show ring. I am also proud of Keepir’s condition and enthusiasm in the Veteran’s ring, he moves beautifully and with purpose still at almost 11. Thank you Gabriela Pavlickova for your tireless work and presenting our treasures so well!!! I am still trying to figure out European show rules and awards 😳 Photo credit to Sabina Svozílková